This summer, I took 700 square feet of growing space in my little backyard, an abandoned 1956 Ford truck bed, and my ability to grow beautiful flowers on a shoestring budget and combined them into Catbird Flower Farm. My backyard plot became a test garden to see how many flowers I could grow on a tiny plot and the truck bed became an eye catching roadside flower stand on my busy urban street. Thanks to our wonderful customers, our first year was a success and I look forward to growing even more blooms next year.

My small urban cut flower farm evolved from my love of art, gardening, and flowers. I am a professional fine artist and an avid gardener.  I never met a flower I didn’t like and have painted and grown them my entire adult life.   


The motivation for my urban cut flower farm can best be described by one little word: JOY...the joy of being outdoors with my hands in the dirt, the joy and inspiration of seeing my hard work blossom into color, and the joy in sharing my flowers with others. Thanks for stopping by.